Majestic Bot

A multi-purpose Discord bot
Built using the Discord.JS framework
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What We Offer

A Multi-Function Discord bot design to keep your server up and running smoothly! Every command is stylish, exploit free and entertaining. Custom made unique commands specialising in; games, utility, moderation, text and image. Reach out to us at our Discord Server.

Utility Commands

Utility is one of the largest categories for our application, our utility commands are designed to deliver a large array of tools. From finding out the weather to viewing subreddits or even translations. This category focuses on useful tools e.g. polls, timers, calculators.

Powerful Moderation

Moderation here at Majestic Bot is unique and useful! Ever spent ages toggling permissions channel by channel? Well our perms command can do it all for you.. how convenient. Reliable anti spam, censoring, purging, nuking and much more. Want to reward boosters? Our br command let's boosters create their own custom role for the duration they boost. And thats not it!

Enjoyable Games

Our game category boasts a wide range of multiplayer and single player games. From snake to connect4 we have it all! Without any setup needed, you can begin playing quick paced games at just the send of a command.

Image Generation

Pat ExampleNokia ExampleExplode ExampleImplode ExampleGay ExampleHacker ExampleSnap ExampleIphone ExampleKill Example
Pat ExampleNokia ExampleExplode ExampleImplode ExampleGay ExampleHacker ExampleSnap ExampleIphone ExampleKill Example

Image generation with Majestic Bot is unlike no other. Our image generation supports a wide range of file formats including GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG. Some possibilities include: Overlays, Memes, Colour Shifts, Custom Templates and even head-pat gifs.

Unique Text Commands

Text can be generated in different fonts using our fast font generation, say whatever your heart desires in whatever font you wish. Examples of fonts we support: κͺ»κ«€α₯Šκͺ», π˜π—²π˜…π˜, πŸ…£πŸ…”πŸ…§πŸ…£, 𝓉𝑒𝓍𝓉, ᡗᡉˣᡗ, π•₯𝕖𝕩π•₯, 𝚝𝚎𝚑𝚝, TΜΈΝ€Μ•E̴̕͝X̴̸́TΜΈΝ€Μ•

Fast Support

Majestic Bot offers fast support from our development team within our support server, simply open a ticket or ask within the #support channel for quick and reliable help using the application.

Our Funding

We are funded by generous users, this funding is vital to ensure we can pay for the hosting required to keep afloat. Enjoying Majestic Bot? You can donate now in any currency just by clicking this button below. Without you, we cannot run.

Focused Team

This bot is ran, owned and maintained by MagesticChicen who works endlessly to keep it up to date and satisfactory for its users, our team works to help you.


People who have contributed most to the development of the application as it stands, those who deserve credit for what it is today

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact our development team for Majestic Bot by emailing us, please use standard English. Thank you